5 Best Golf Swing Tips That You Can Use


Amateur golfers marvel at the skills of the pro swinging his iron to drive the putt right through the middle of the fairway or directing the golf ball adeptly into the 7th hole. What the golfing greenhorns fail to visualize is that it takes years of meticulous practice for the pro to hone his skills and to qualify for participation in the PGA tours. Although there are numerous tricks that you can master in order to start playing like a professional, picking up the following five tips will stand you in good stead anytime.

  1. Make good use of your form for generating power

Ask any pro and he’ll tell you that he derives his strength not from his elbows or arms but from his body. The arms are just a means for exploiting the power generated by your body for hitting the ball with the iron. Position the club at the back of the ball and try to swing it upwards into the air using your entire form instead of trying to hit with the force of your hands. This’ll need some practice though before you can pick up the skill of tossing the ball employing bodily force.

  1. Position your hands lower to the ground

The lower the shot’s trajectory, the greater the chances of your achieving a perfect finish. In order to do that, position your hands lower to the ground.

  1. Increase swing speed

Try to increase the speed with which you swing so that you can improve your scores. For achieving a higher swing speed, shift more than 60% of your body weight on the back-foot, at least 10% onto the right when you take a backswing position. Finally, propel the weight forward while doing the downswing.

  1. Practice the short game

Improving the putting is perhaps the best way to mastering the short game.

  1. Position the iron in line with your chest

Position the club exactly in the front of your sternum and shift your weight onto your left for taking the ideal backswing position.

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