5 Cool Golf Gadgets

Golfing gadgets

As a golfing aficionado, you can practice more efficiently and make teeing more engrossing courtesy some cutting-edge gadgets. Though a variety of implements catering to golf are available in the market, you may need to use just a few to hone your golfing skills. The following paragraphs list five cool gadgets that you can make the most out of.


The GOLF BUDDY Voice GPS is a versatile appliance that you can make good use while teeing. The Golf Buddy uses GPS technology to display the precise distance between your position and the subsequent hole. Apart from displaying the distance digitally on a rectangular screen, a voice call feature also provides the same info.

  1. ZEPP Gold 3D Swing Analyzer

Give more power to your swings and improve on your game, courtesy the ZEPP Gold 3D Swing Analyzer. The ZEPP Gold is essentially a sensor that comes in handy for determining exact speeds of your swings, swing trajectory, hip rotation angle, backswing position, and so on. Correct and timely interpretation of the statistics may help you to perfect your game skills.

  1. Radar Golf System

Nothing is more annoying than losing golf balls when you’re fully immersed in the game. You can bid adieu to your worries, thanks to the Radar Golf System. The gadget comprises of a microchip that you install inside the ball and keep track of its location via a handheld device. When you order for this product, you get 48 Radar Golf balls free of cost!

  1. Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

The Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System is a two-tiered module allowing you to evaluate your teeing from start to end. You install the Game Golf Digital Shot GPS device on the waist-belt, and there are tags or buttons that you affix on top and bottom of the iron or club. These tags record data via the tracking device which you analyze.

  1. GlOWGEAR Glowing Golf Balls

If you’re too busy to pursue your passion during daytime, you can enjoy a few rounds at nighttime with GlOWGEAR glowing golf balls. Contact your nearest shop vendor to offer you some cool gadgets like these glowing golf balls These remain fully illuminated for approximately 15 minutes and remain lighted for nothing less than 6 hours at a stretch. 

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